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You’re a small service-based business or personal brand


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You’ve got a fab product or service but…

Brand copywriter phoney to confident

Go from feeling like a phoney to feeling confident standing out with brand voice

Welcome to my cosy corner of the internet. I’m Caitlin–psychologist turned brand voice copywriter.

The more time I spend in the online space, the more I see small businesses and personal brands talk about imposter syndrome.

Yet, there’s such a fake it ’till you make it attitude online.

All the comparisonitis is sure to make one feel like an imposter… And half of what you see isn’t even real.

That’s why I help service based small businesses carve out a verbal brand identity that’s sure to expel any imposter syndrome feels. So you feel so confident in everything you write for your marketing that you never feel the need to envy or imitate others content again.

Let's get those words outta your head and onto the page (without sounding like everyone else)

In the therapy room, I help people clarify life stories, find words for experiences, and create meaningful narratives.

Like music, I listen to the melody behind words to capture what is felt, but unsaid.

As a brand voice copywriter, I use the same deep listening skills to help you find the right words to express your you-ness online.

Words that fit your brand like a cosy thrift/op shop sweater. So you can win hearts with a message & tone of voice that feels like you.

Your website copy is the start of a genuine relationship with your audience.

Let me help you give the best first impression.

Brand copywriter Caitlin Bell

Become top of mind and close to heart for your audience through

Branding Therapy

Let’s find out what makes you YOU.

Imagine never having to check out the competition for “inspo” ever again as you felt so confident about how to say your message. Brand copywriting is the perfect combo of my psychology training and copy knowledge.

  • Branding reset (established business needing to review their TOV)
  • Branding renew (changing direction and need to revise your existing tone of voice)
  • Branding afresh (starting from scratch–squeaky clean brand voice)

Website copy

Now you’ve defined your brand message, let’s create copy goodness to pop on your website. I specialise in writing web copy that is allll about you.

  • Affable about pages
  • LinkedIn about section 
  • Bona fide bios brimming with your brilliance. (Phew. That last B was a challenge)

Emails with personality

*They* say connection comes before conversion, so write your audience e-letters that make ’em know-like-trust you.

It’s no longer the 90’s, so chain emails are a thing of the past, but email remains a super cha-ching way to market your business. 

Turn people into doting fans and have them engaged from hello to P.S.

  • Nurture emails
  • Launch email sequence

Discover your brand’s voice…

Brand Voice / ˈbɹænd ˈvɔɪs: How a brand verbally conveys its personality. 

Your voice can be THE thing that makes your brand a must-have (aka the secret sauce to standing out).

Caitlin effectively translated my long-standing objectives [into words]

"Witnessing Caitlin actively listen to, comprehend, and effectively translate my long-standing objectives, a task that is often challenging for someone like me, an artist, was nothing short of heartwarming."

Want your brand voice to be a meaningful expression of you?