brand strategy copywriting

in the teenage or midlife stage of small business and hoping to find your identity?

Let's find your brand's messaging equivalent of a signature look—perhaps well worn chucks, skinny jeans, and band T-shirt?

So, you’ve been in business for a while now. You receive oodles of warm and fuzzy feedback from customers, so you know you’ve got a special offer.

But lately, sales are stagnating. And similar businesses are putting out offers that look alike.

Maybe your zest for business has dwindled.

But what’s the answer?

No, it’s not reducing your rates. Yelling louder. Or imitating the latest marketing trend.

The answer is to build a brand that’s less same same and more you. A brand that’s unlike anything out there, ’cause you’re one of a kind. 

Brand strategy copywriting can help.

Logos and beautiful colour palettes will get you only so far, if your copy and brand messaging aren’t what your audience needs to hear.

The branding I’m talking about is more like soul work–finding your identity. Cutting to the core of what your business is, who you are, and why you exist.

Because you need a clear idea about who you serve, what you stand for, why you are different, and why your customers should care.

In the era of robo copy and businesses not walking their talk, people are looking for brands that share their values.

Don’t believe me?

study showed 89% of customers bought from brands that share their values. In the same study, 56% said they feel more loyal to brands who “get me.”

What does this mean?

Your brand’s message needs to show who you are as a business, and this needs to align with the customer’s desires and values.

Sound overwhelming?

Never fear, my process is where science meets art.

Gaining a new customer is between 5-25x more expensive than keeping an existing one.

Brand strategy copywriting makes your copy irresistible and moreish to those you’re trying to entice—like a dusted almond biscotti with your oat latte. 

Help your audience go from meh to heck yes (without putting on an act)

Brand messaging guide is for you, if you:

  • Have copy that doesn’t sound like you
  • Want to reignite your spark for your work
  • Have trouble knowing how to word your copy
  • Are wanting to create a business where you can show up as yo

Brand Strategy Messaging Guide

from $2500

+ GST for Aussies

We’ll start off with a brand therapy session. A 2hr call to discover the essence of your business and uncover the differences that will fascinate your audience.

In a 30+ page branding guide, you’ll get your brand’s

Mission Statement to declare why you exist and who you serve

Vision Statement so you and your team know what is important and where you are heading

Unique Positioning Statement what makes you a cut above all the rest

Values so you have a guiding light to help you know what action to take, and communicate to your audience what you stand

Brand Story to build authority, trust, and connect with your audience

Turn around time approx 4 weeks.

x 4 weeks.

Ready for brand strategy that helps stop the scroll?