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Capture clients' hearts with a brand voice that begs them to buy your stuff (without YOU needing to write the content)

Brand Quilt Brand Voice Guides may lead to not being able to tell if you or others on your team wrote content

Content that sounds like you. Every. Time

Out source content (without loosing

Save hours a week from minimal content edits

Need to work with a brand voice copywriter because

You're at one of these stages in business?

✅You’re a brand new business and you know brand voice is a fab way to stand out in your industry. Buuut, there’s a teeny tiny hitch: you’re unsure how to truly sound like ‘you,’ and time to figure it out is a luxury you just don’t have. unchecked

✅You’re an established brand, but your voice isn’t documented yet.

✅You want to scale your business, which means hiring writers or outsourcing content… Maybe you’ve tried outsourcing in the past but the writer got your voice completely wrong. Which meant endless rewrites, or having to redo the content completely.

You're already a super busy entrepreneur with everything else on your plate—if you have to figure out ONE more thing, like a brand voice guide, you may have to scream

Ditch the “But content won't sound like me” worry, confidently outsource writing, and grow your business (without having to type a word) with brand voice copywriting

I know this much about you:

You’ve spent years growing your business all on your lonesome, you have an amazing offer, incredible clients, and genuinely love what you do.

The issue?

Part of why your clients love your brand is the way it sounds–YOUR voice. YOU are the brand, so the content needs to sound like you. Having to write every word is getting in the way of scaling your business–you have huuuge plans.

If you’re like a lot of brands with distinct voices, you’ve tried outsourcing or hiring writers but ended up having to rewrite content (time you coulda spent elsewhere).

If only a writer just got your voice on the first go!

You want to save time so you can focus on the money generating business activities, like getting more clients.

Cool. But why is it important?

86% of customers in a Slackia Survey said authenticity is is important when deciding what brands they'd like to use—brand voice is one of the *easiest* ways to show authenticity

*drum roll*​

Introducing Brand Quilts:
A custom brand voice guide that helps writers write in your voice with
minimal edits

Imagine someone replying saying they just loved your recent newsletter
but you have no recollection of writing it–’cause you didn’t

*Happy dance* for now being able to focus on expanding your business and secure in the knowledge that outsourced content is consistent, conversion ready, and unmistakably you

Happy Brand Voice Copywriting Client

Caitlin helped me with my business' tone of voice. My business was already established but I had always struggled with it. The process was so much fun and Caitlin really understood my brand and delivered so many useful insights into my brand personality plus how and when to use them.
A. Hernandez
Australian Wedding Rings

Never worry about losing your personal touch as you grow and outsource content writing ​

A brand voice guide is the easiest way to go from "this content doesn't sound like me at all" to "wow, I can't tell if I wrote this or my VA did"

AKA Your brand’s personal AP guide. 

An A (mpersands) – Z (eugma) brand voice guide that documents everything a writer or VA needs to know to capture your voice.

I mean EVERYTHING, covering all the nitty-gritty details, from your stance on the Oxford comma or slang to your preferred expressions and even your specific type of humour.

The main hesitation brands have in hiring a copywriter, aside from cost?

The fear writers won’t get their brand voice.

With a Brand Quilt brand voice guide, this worry evaporates. You gain the freedom to scale your content without sacrificing quality or authenticity.

(Just between you and me, a voice guide opens up the possibility to hire budget-friendly writers, as the heavy lifting of understanding your brand voice has already been done.)

And who am I?

I’m Caitlin, a psychologist turned brand voice copywriter. 


In the therapy room, I’ve helped many people find their voice, and now I help businesses and brands find and document their writing voice, so they can *always* create content that sounds like them.


I’ve also done extra training to become a…


*clears throat*

Brand Voice Specialist.

See I even have a shiny badge

Every entrepreneur's brand voice ought to be as FAB as they are in person

So it’s no wonder my voice framework is, well, FAB…


Your vocab & language choices

Do you use industry jargon, casual language, slang, or are you known for made up words, or you-isms, like…


 (Should be spelled phraseology)


The tone of what you say

How does your content make people feel? Is it cheeky, empathetic, whimsical, witty, edgy…

How does your tone change depending on the topic?


The rhythm of your writing

The pace of writing affects the feeling of voice.

Do you use short punchy sentences, or long flowing meandering prose.

Why are they called Brand Quilts?

The way I see it, brand voice and brand messaging make up the FABRIC of your brand. (Brand Quilts bring together all of these aspects)

Fraesology— Words



Resolve—brand’s values and beliefs

Identity—brand unique selling proposition, ideal clients, value proposition

Cohesive storytelling—brand story, and the stories your brand tells.



                                         Get it? 

Okay cool. But what does brand voice look like in writing?

Compare this text:

The judicious deployment of lexicon and tonal nuances plays a pivotal role in augmenting the efficacy of communicative endeavours. The tone meticulously orchestrates the audience’s reception of the conveyed message. Furthermore, the narrative cadence exerts a profound influence on the extent of engagement and the depth of comprehension achieved.

^^ My brain hurts reading it. The readability grade is so high it’s off the scale.

Words and the tone of content affects how a message is received. The rhythm or flow of writing also impacts engagement and understanding.

Trust me when I tell you this, the words you choose change the reception of your content. I’ve learned the hard way and I’m here to guide you so you don’t make the same mistakes. Pay attention to the tone of your content and how your writing makes people feel. Likewise, the flow of our words plays a huge role in keeping our audience engaged.

Your words, and how you say them, truly transform the impact of your message on your dreamy clients. Imagine the tones dancing together to help your content evoke emotion. Think of the rhythm of writing like a melody that helps people engage with your content and hear your words long after they’ve finished reading.

All the same message, just different ways of saying it.

Brand voice clients

"After working with so many contractors without getting the brand voice right, Caitlin's work has helped clarify who we are and how we sound, and I can confidently hand this document to anyone working with us."
Be. Bangles


Brand Quilt Brand Voice Guides

A custom brand voice guide that documents everything about your brand voice, so writers can mimic your voice

A blueprint of your brand voice to confidently know how to sound in content and outsource your writing so you can save time and make more money without sacrificing the lovely personality bits that make your content you.

Want a peek into a few sections of a 30+ page guide that save brands oodles of time?

Brand Voice Pillars & Voice Type

  • Including pillars that define your voice so every piece of content sounds like you. Helping build brand recognition and trust, avoiding the confusion and jarring disconnect that comes from voice inconsistency.

Tone of Voice and Style Analysis

  • In-depth analysis of your tone and writing style to ensure your content makes people feel the right feels, preventing dullness of off-brand content.

Lexicon, Commonly Used Phrases, Phrases to Avoid

  • Your unique vocab boosts your brand’s verbal identity making content feel authentic. Phrases to avoid helps writers steer clear of confusing jargon or words that you would never ever use. (Rightio, honey bun? << Feel weird? You’re right. I don’t use pet names in my content)

Content Examples & Internal Conventions

  • Clear examples and guidelines on brand conventions streamlines the content creation process. Saving you heeeaps of time and prevents the not so conscious erosion of brand trust through inconsistent formatting. 

Style Choices (Punctuation, Grammar, Colloquialisms)

  • Specific guidance on style choices ensures your content builds cred while avoiding careless sloppy mistakes.

Changes in Tone by Channel & Style Comparison

  • Changing your brand’s tone to fit different platforms/topics builds connection. This way, you avoid mix-ups or faux-pas, which can happen if you sound the same everywhere. (Kinda like knowing when it’s appropriate to use humour, or when it’s better to bite your tongue…)

Scale your personal brand without compromising your one-of-a-kind brand voice

Brand Quilts are like having you in your writer's ears when they write, so you're guaranteed to never lose your personal touch as you grow

The only thing standing between you and outsourcing your writing is identifying and documenting your brand voice

With a Brand Quilt you can expect increased confidence in how you sound in your writing, and confidence your writers will get your voice (with minimal, if no, edits)

[The Guide] has all the information and tools anyone would need, allowing me to delegate many tasks to others and focus on core business. Caitlin was very professional and thorough, and it was a fun, enlightening and worthwhile process I would highly recommend to any business owner.
Be. Bangles


  • The last thing on your new business list is “write web copy”. You know what to say but you have no idea how to say it.

  • You’ve been burned by hiring writers before. It’s not that the content was bad, it just didn’t sound like you or your brand.

  • You’re sick of having to write allll the content yourself as how you sound is as important, if not, more important as what you say.

  • You dream of not having to write another email or blog post. But, what you really, really want is approving content the first time. (Or, maybe you wanna ziga zig ah.)

Investing in a Brand Quilt frees you from endless editing or the paralysis of not knowing how to say something. A direct investment in your brand’s voice consistency and future growth.

What’s the cost of all this?

  • You could take a chance on hiring another freelancer, crossing your fingers for a better outcome. Yet, without a voice guide acting as your voice guardrails, they’re more likely to land a mediocre par than a perfect strike. (The dude doesn’t abide.)

  • You could buy yet another course or spend countless hours researching how to create a brand voice. But here’s the thing: the time spent learning a new skill you’re not guaranteed to be successful in is time not spent on income-generating activities, potentially costing revenue and delaying brand growth. (It doesn’t have to be this way..)

Here is your permission slip to invest in something that will help you grow your business and save you a mega-scoop of time.

Brand Voice Copywriting Packages

Starter Guide

Best for startups & solopreneurs
$ 3500
  • Panoramic view of your voice–brand personality/manifesto & voice type
  • Brand overview of the important message bits–vision, mission, values, USP*
  • Overview of your audience & dreamy clients*
  • Light voice analysis of words, ton, cadence that make up your voice
  • Your core offerings and details
  • Curated Word Bank featuring your go-to words, catchphrases, storytelling hooks, and smooth segues.
  • Your brand’s lexicon–what makes your brand your brand
  • Formatting & style choices–emoji use, commas, punctuations

Growth Guide

Mid-sized expanding brands with teams
$ 5500
  • Panoramic view of your voice–brand personality/manifesto & voice type
  • Brand overview of the important message bits–vision, mission, values, USP*
  • Overview of your audience & dreamy clients*
  • Your core offerings and details
  • Curated Word Bank featuring your go-to words, catchphrases, storytelling hooks, and smooth segues.
  • Your brand’s lexicon–what makes your brand your brand
  • Formatting & style choices–emoji use, commas, punctuations
  • In-depth Voice Analysis, dissecting word choice, rhythm, tone
  • Copy submission & naming conventions
  • Sample Competitor Content, rewritten to align with your brand's voice
  • Templates for your content
  • Resource guide for tips and insider tools to keep content right on track

I could talk about the cost of cups of coffee, but you know what’s more illuminating?

Adding up the annual cost of the time you or your team spend editing content to make it sound on-brand. How much does that add up to?

I’m not a betting person, but I’d say it would cost more than a once off brand voice guide

How are Brand Quilts different?

  • Deep dive into VoiceOften voice is a mere afterthought to visuals. Luckily, my guide is different. It’s a deep, comprehensive outline of your brand’s voice. I’m talking over on average over 30 pages of analysis, not just a sprinkle of adjectives. 
  • Different stages, Different PagesMy guides are created specifically for the unique challenges of your business’s growth stage. For startups and solopreneurs, I focus on helping you articulate your voice and then document this for your use, and then when you hire help. For mid-sized teams, the guide is a playbook that unites various team members under one cohesive voice, so that you have uniformity as you scale. 
  • Practical Tools and ResourcesUnlike other guides that may leave you to figure out the next steps, mine come loaded with practical tools and insider resources. This includes naming conventions for ease of content organisation, providing tangible assets that bridge the gap between understanding your brand voice and putting it into action.

More Brand Voice Copywriting Clients

"Caitlin has a special gift when it comes to understanding the vision of a business and translating it into a brand voice guide. In many ways she seemed to know my business better than I knew it myself! A delight to work with, Caitlin is professional, enthusiastic and kind, and produces very high quality work."
Lauren Moxey
Moxie Creative

Common Questions

Before I document the voice, we do a 2 hr voice finding session. This session is also super clarifying for established brands, and may just give you permission to try something new.

I know it’s a big chunk of monies. The payment is split into 50/50.

My goal is that the process is as easy and straightforward as possible for you. In saying that, I can’t read minds so we will need to chat about the dos and don’ts of your content. If you have a writer that knows your voice and conventions well, I can chat with them, saving you time.

I can help with that, messaging, or brandsoul work as I call it, is in addition to the fees above.

Worried you wont like the document? I don’t offer refunds as I stand behind the enormous value the guides have for businesses. But I will make sure you love the guide!

P.S. As a parting note, imagine if you knew exactly how to sound in your content so that it reflects you, but more importantly helps your audience fall in love with your brand. As you know, connection happens before conversion.

I understand how important brand voice is for building a brand, and I would LOVE to help you find, document and then amplify your voice so you can achieve those big business goals quicker.

The choice is yours and I thank you for reading right down to the P.S. love note.

Remember, you deserve a brand that sounds as FAB as you are in person.