Brand voice finding workshop​

Finally feel inspired to create content with a brand voice that sounds & feels like you

Have you ever wondered how to define your brand voice?


Maybe you’ve spent hours researching brand voice and tone of voice, going down a Reddit-sized rabbit hole only to feel even more confused.


If only there was a brand voice finding workshop where you could well… workshop your brand voice.


Brand Voice Finding Workshop Copywriter

Get ready to say goodbye to stiff sounding content, and hello to content that feels like you

'Cause you'll no longer be held back by not knowing how to sound in your marketing *claps*

Not knowing how to say something shouldn’t hold you back. What I dub “voice paralysis.” It’s when the fear of not sounding perfect leads to endless editing of content or giving up entirely. The psychologist in me wants to add: that if you grew up in an environment where what you say was harshly critiqued? No wonder you feel paralysed. 

Fun, engaging, click worthy content is within reach

Imagine words spilling out of you as you're so sure how your content should sound

Introducing my 1:1 Brand Voice Finding Workshop

A 1-on-1 deep dive brand voice workshop (that’s kinda like therapy) to define and discover your one-of-a-kind brand voice 

 This sounds like chips to my guac, what’s included?

Online tone of voice workshop

✔️ You get a 2-hour 1:1 workshop with a brand voice specialist (who just happens to be a psychologist)

✔️ This isn’t just regular coaching or a chat. I guide you through a unique voice finding process

How does the Voice Finder Workshop work?​

What’s the cost of all this?

You could try swiping how other businesses write, going even further down the voice black hole, or just forget about sounding like you. 
But you know none of that will work as you’ve tried it all before. 
It’s time to find YOUR one-of-a kind voice and give yourself permission to sound as fab as you are in person.


What ya get with a

Brand Voice Finder Workshop
$ 497 +GST
  • 2 hour 1:1 workshop
  • Know which of the 9 voice types your voice is
    (yup, you can be a mix)
  • Gain confidence in knowing how to sound in your content

*Upgrade to a Brand Quilt Voice Guide so you can outsource content writing without losing your


And just who am I?

I’m Caitlin, a practising psychologist and copywriter.

What makes me do a happy dance? Helping personal brands and small businesses find, document and amplify their voice using a unique framework and voice process.


Voice is how you stand out in any industry.


By defining your voice using a step-by-step process.


And that, my friend, is why I started offering brand voice finding sessions…


Are you ready?

You may be a perfect fit if:

You’re a brand new or established brand, but all you need now is a how (how to sound in your content)

You’re tired of generic-sounding content and would love to stand out in your industry just by being you

You’ve investigated brand voice. You’ve read a few articles and downloaded a few freebies, but they all seem to be missing an important piece of the puzzle.

You *know* there’s another way to identify your brand voice. It can’t just be intuition and woo.

You may not be a perfect fit if:

❌You don’t have a business. Or you’re still not sure who your right fit clients are (a messaging guide may be best for you)

❌You’re hoping for a play-by-play written overview of your voice (a brand voice upgrade may be for you)

❌You think your voice is super special and no one could understand it like you

❌You love the sound of chat GPT generated content

Frequently Asked Quaffles


Brand voice is made up of three things, the words you use (Fraseology), the tones in your content (Attitude), and then the cadence or rhythm of the writing (beat). With that in mind, this workshop dives deep into the tone part of the brand voice and then using the data we find which of the 9 voices your brand voice is. Each voice has typical patterns of words and cadence, which I can talk all day about to you. Before the workshop I explain

Unfortunately I don’t offer payment plans for my voice finder workshops.

The only time required on your end is 2 hours for the workshop, there’s no detailed copy questionnaire where I ask you what your mum’s dog eats for breakfast. The workshop is basically 2 episodes of succession. 

I’ve worked with a few brand new brands and they said this process is super clarifying. But to be clear, these brand’s had an idea of the soul of their brand (e.g. who they are, who they want to help, how they’re different, what their values are etc). If you have no idea and are at the stage of having a business idea, but no business, I think your monies would be better spent elsewhere. 

The workshop is 1:1 with me online.


And there we have it, a decision for you:


What would it be like to feel super confident in how to sound in your brand’s content?

You’ve had “Work out my brand voice” on your to-do list for quite some time .

As you know, brand voice will be an important thing going forward (hello AI here to stay) 

So really, this two-hour workshop could save you hours of time in the future as you won’t be procrasti-faffing around with how to write your content. 

I only have a few spots available per month for this offer, and I would LOVE LOVE for you to have one of them.