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Before we talk about me, I wanna talk about YOU

So, you’ve been in business a while now and have bold plans for the future.

Yep, I see that vision board behind you.

Yep, I see that notes on your phone overflowing with ideas.

But you’re juggling most aspects of your business. No wonder you feel overwhelmed.

 We’ve all been there before. (Even Jugglers.)

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just focus on what you love in your business? And not avoid tasks by procrasti-cleaning and procrasti-baking. (No, just me?)

There comes a time when businesses outsource tasks and jobs.

Copywriting helps create genuine connection with your audience. Builds trust and loyalty through consistent messaging, and helps your ideal people find you.

You don’t want fans. You want super fans. Fans like a teenager who lines up for 12 hours to see The Cure.*

You're probably wondering...​

Who are you?

I’m Caitlin. Psychologist turned copywriter trained in Brisbane, 90s Brit pop lover, and serial first-season-only-TV-show-watcher.

As a Copywriter, growing up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, means I’m pretty chill.

Spent my early twenties travelling all over the world—living in Canada, Europe, and the USA, before returning to Brisbane. I call myself an ex-wanderlust-traveller.

Working in health for over 10 years inspired my interest in psychology. I’m a little obsessed with studying and learning, so I dig deep and research the heck out of my copywriting clients’ industries.

So, you get feedback from your audience like “I knew you were the one for me—your website spoke to me”.

What is this place?

This is the place for visionary service based businesses, colourful creatives, and joyful brands who need words to woo clients, create conversations, and make money.

As a copywriter, I’m here to support you and increase your confidence online, through words.

Why? I get a kick out of seeing inspiring people succeed.

My brand voice is serious. Can you help?

Sure. My website copy reflects my personality. But having written 2 theses, a systematic review (don’t ask), and dozens of papers, I’ve mastered the serious tone of voice. Let’s create a brand voice that’s 100% yours.

How Can You Help?

Whether you need copywriting, SEO copywriting, brand voice guides, or brand messaging, I’m your copywriter.

My specialty lies in “un-boring” personality-packed copy.

The most “oh, wow, that’s so cool” job you’ve had?

Working at Disney World. I wasn’t the best employee, as I often skipped work and went to the theme parks. But I mastered the two-finger Disney point.

Okay, I’m in. Write my copy. How do we work together?

I’m honoured. Contact me here.


Lovely words from lovely copywriting clients

"Caitlin skillfully aided me in articulating the essence of my business, plus I gained profound enjoyment from the experience" 
Photographer, Brisbane

Fun facts about Caitlin

(non-copywriting facts that you never asked for...)

    • *The first concert I went to was The Cure at age 15. I lined up for over 12 hours to get a front-row barrier spot. (Just like Heaven’s my fave song)
    • One of the most terrifying things I’ve done is bungee jumping. I ended up being pushed from the platform as I refused to jump.
    • “I won’t die wondering” is one of my favourite quotes from a resident I worked with in an aged care facility. I didn’t want to die wondering, “What if I had become a writer?” So I became one.
    • When I was 8 years old, I fell out of a tree and was in a coma for 5 days. Since then, some know me as “the girl who fell out of a tree”. How’s that for a book title?

    • I love a good story…
And that’s what I want to do for you

Help you tell an epic story through creative copywriting

So you're recognised in your industry, top of mind for your audience, and last the test of time

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