Copywriter for Social Media

Social media captions to capture hearts & sales
(& not your time)
For product-based businesses

Done for you strategically written Instagram™ captions by a copywriter for social media Sell more, save time, and scratch the “I have no idea what the heck to write” overwhelm

AKA: The easiest way for product-based businesses to tick social media content off their list

Save hours of unprofitable time each week

Stop wasting time endlessly scrolling Instagram for caption Inspo

Take on more clients: Make more money

With all those hours back, you’ll be able to do more of the money making work you love

Less stress with copywriting done for you

All you’ll need to do is schedule and respond to comments. Easy!

“I love wasting 7 hours a week flicking between tabs, trying to come up with captions to market my products, rather than actually doing my work,” — said no creative ever

^^Yeah—no. That's not exactly what you had in mind when you dreamed of turning your passion into a business, is it?

If you're like a lot of creatives and product based businesses,
the following may ring true.

You know you *need* to post on the gram to get consistent sales from social media, but...

…you’ve hit a creative wall.


Each week, it’s the same old story ← literally. 


You have a photo album FULL of incredible images, but you sit staring at the empty caption box, trying to magic up something—anything—that’s attention grabby and says “buy my stuff”


You want your words to be magnetic, to pull people in, but it feels like you’re just stating what’s in the picture. There’s only so many ways to say “comes in 4 colours and sizes.”


What you really really want is a feed full of heartwarming, heartfelt, cheeky captions that make your audience nod, smile, and hit that ‘link in bio’.


But let’s be real for a sec—there are secret moments when you fantasise about just deleting Instagram altogether. 


(Remember when Instagram was just about the images.)


Here’s the thing, the pressure to post smothers creativity.


To help find inspo, you do what we all do: scroll and pin for hours on Pinterest. 


But what you end up with are generic, cheesy quotes. 


A cycle of searching and not finding, leaving you back at square one: 


…you, the empty caption box, and a growing sense of “I need to do something different.”


If you ever feel like this, I want to tell you: 

There’s nothing wrong with you.


It’s not that you can’t write (‘cause you can) 

It’s more a lack of time or not knowing how to distill all the words you want to say in that tiny social media caption box

That’s where I come in!

*ahem—is this thing on?*


Custom written Instagram captions for product-based businesses.

With monthly custom done for you captions written by a copywriter (that’s me), you’ll never feel word drained or stuck for words again. 

Here’s to more “your recent Instagram post just made me have to buy it,”

Package A

15 captions
$ 649 Monthly + GST
  • 15 strategic captions
  • Captions written to engage, sell, and educate
  • Optional 1 hour strategy call each month

Package B

30 Captions
$ 1097 Monthly + GST
  • 30 strategic captions
  • Optonal 90 min strategy call each mont
  • Captions written to engage, sell, and educate

With monthly captions done for you by a social media copywriter, you’ll finally love marketing on Instagram! ​

Say goodbye to…
🙅Feeling confused about what the heck to post about
🙅Feeling uninspired as soon as you fire up your laptop in the morning as caption writing is still on your to-do list"
🙅Spending weeks scrolling Pinterest for fresh ideas you’re sure will work… only to watch it get 1 like
🙅Fantasising about deleting Instagram
🙅Blinking cursor paralysis

Instead, you’ll...

🥳Receive 1 month worth of captions that are strategically written for sales and engagement

🥳Get back to doing what you’re great at so you can take on more clients and earn more money

🥳Feel confident about your feed and feel proud to show it off

🥳Wake up to a month's worth of captions in your inbox at the end of the month

Imagine finally having a feed full of posts strategically written by a social media copywriter to engage, inform, and sell

The only thing standing between you and a super fab sales generating Insta presence is personality-packed strategically selling captions. 

Here is your 3-step plan to ditch the social media caption writing struggle and get a feed full of posts that your followers can’t get enough of.

With my monthly custom product based captions, you can expect to love showing up on Instagram again...

…all you need to do is send me your photos and hit schedule. 

Step 1 — Send me the images you plan to post on Instagram the next month

Step 2 — I’ll write the captions using my framework designed to engage, inform, sell

Step 3 — You schedule the posts when you receive the captions

Raise your hand if you’re?​

  • So done spending hours ideating and not much actual posting of captions

  • A product-based business who just needs captions created by a copywriter who eats words for breakfast

  • A lover of a relatable brand voice

  • You've got the products, the passion, and the pictures. But when it comes to words, you're hitting the creative brick wall.

So you may be wondering… How is this social media content writing different?

Bespoke captions—no churning out cookie-cutter captions here. Just strategically write captions for your product using my framework to help you make more sales.

I’ll take your brand's voice and personality–quirky, bold, heartwarming, you name it—and weave it into every caption.

Captions only — this is for people who like the creative creation of graphics or uploading their images in a scheduler, BUT dislike the caption creation process. 

A click-worthy sales driving Instagram feed is within reach ​

It’s time to jazz up your social media captions, so you can effortlessly convert your audience​

Picture this…

Every morning you wake up ahead of schedule.

Your Instagram captions are done, leaving you hours to focus on what you do best. No more late nights battling with words. Now, your time is yours - for creativity, for strategy, for growth. 

You have a newfound confidence in your Instagram marketing. Regularly getting DMs from people saying they love your content. And the best part? You didn't spend a single second writing them.

Your Instagram feed has become a magnet for your ideal clients, drawing them in with captions that speak directly to their hearts, and…

... no more blinking cursor overwhelm, no more wasted hours, just pure creative joy.

And all it takes is a choice: let me handle the words, so you can handle the world.


My caption writing service is perfect for product-based businesses, who have photos of their products, but don’t have time or dislike spending time thinking of something to write for the captions. If you have fab images but struggle with the words, this service is for you.

No, unfortunately not. My speciality lies in writing personality-packed captions… For graphic design, we recommend partnering with a dedicated graphic designer to complement our captioning service for a cohesive Instagram presence.

I recommend a trial run for a month but will be prioritising ongoing bookings as I only have the capacity to work with 4 brands each month.

My service eliminates the hours you would otherwise spend brainstorming, writing, and refining captions. With my done-for-you captions, you can redirect your time and energy towards more profitable aspects of your business, like client engagement and product development. Simply provide me with your images, and you’ll receive a month’s worth of captions, ready to be scheduled.

After receiving your images and booking an initial call to nail your brand’s voice, I’ll typically deliver a month’s worth of captions within 2-3 weeks. This makes sure you have a steady flow of content ready to be scheduled, keeping your Instagram active and engaging. Woop!