frequently asked questions

love a good question? here's a few of the most common

Copywriting’s got nothing to do with copyright. So you can let out a sigh of relief. I won’t be quizzing you on legal stuff.

Copywriting is about writing words that compel an audience to take action. For example, subscribing to your newsletter, buying a course, contacting you for more information, or simply liking an Instagram caption.

Ask the following questions.

Am I:

  • Reaching clients that I absolutely love working with (ideal customers)?
  • Able to keep up with copy and other demands of my business?
  • Happy with how my copy sounds?

If you answered no to the above, you may benefit from working with a copywriter.

Remember, it’s common to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or ineffective in business from time to time. It’s times like these you need to reach out for support or get back in touch with why you started your business.

I hear you. It’s scary investing in something with several zeros attached without knowing the outcome.

For the most part, I give you two rounds of revisions where you can ask for changes, or give me detailed feedback. Before I get to work on the first official draft, I provide a rough outline so we are on the same page (so to speak)!


Absolutely! I can work with businesses in Australia and internationally.

As I invest in courses and mentoring to keep my writing polished. I regularly wake up at 3 am to take part in webinars held in the USA.

Wondering if I’ll keep our deadlines?

The answer is yes. I know how important it is to stay on track with deadlines, as there are flow-on effects for other aspects of your business if a project gets delayed.

A smaller project, like my superstar copy days, will get you a piece of copy in 1 day. Larger packages take between 2-8 weeks. Send me an email if you have a quick deadline.


*Slides down glasses* I have 4 degrees. So you get to benefit from my experience.

What do you feel like doing?

Have a cup of tea, watch your fave TV show on Netflix, or dance to a rad 90s tune.

I think you should contact me here and let’s get the copy party started.

"Caitlin skillfully aided me in articulating the essence of my business, plus I gained profound enjoyment from the experience"