want to see how I work my copy magic?

Website copy for a health prof

The client:
Yes, this is my psychology website! caitlinbellpsychologist.com

The challenge: Often therapist websites have the same phrases and use similar language. This hides the personality of the therapist, so I wanted to change that.

The challenge was to craft copy for my website that was approachable, jargon-free, and infused with personality. And importantly, adhering to professional ethical guidelines.

The solution: I wrote the copy as if I was speaking to a patient I knew well. This ensured the copy was conversational and relatively free of jargon. When writing the FAQs I added a few questions that people often think about but may not ask their psychologist. I wrote microcopy in several places, e.g. the contact page, highlighting my personality.

Brand Voice Guide for an artist

The client: KTB is an established Brisbane-based photographer for creative artists.

The challenge: Caitlin (great name, huh?) has worked the photography industry for over 14 years and wanted to create a brand voice guide to match her visual branding.

The solution: We worked closely together and followed my effective brand voice process to distil her creative magic into words. We had a 2-hour video call where we brainstormed and allowed our creative intuition to guide us.

The result? A wondrous sparkling guide that has helped ignite ideas for marketing her business, and will act as a guiding north star for her exciting marketing journey ahead.

Caitlin is a psychologist who has leveraged her training and experience to provide high-quality content that helps professionals attract their target clients. I had the pleasure of working with Caitlin both as a fellow student while completing a Master of Clinical Psychology and as a client of her new copywriting venture.

I recently engaged Caitlin to review my website, and I was thoroughly impressed with the detailed feedback and advice she provided. Caitlin’s insights were both relevant and practical, and she took the time to explain her recommendations in a way that was easy to understand

What stands out about Caitlin is her ability to draw on her training as a psychologist to craft content that is both professional and engaging. She has a keen understanding of the factors that drive client/consumer behaviour and can use this knowledge to create content that resonates with target audiences.

I highly recommend Caitlin to anyone who is looking to improve their website, sales, and blog content. Her professionalism and attention to detail make her an exceptional choice for any project.
Tyronne Huckstepp
Psychologist, Sunshine Coast
My strategy session with Caitlin was just delightful and so worthwhile.

I met Caitlin at a networking event and started following her on socials. When it was time to do a review of my communication strategy and messaging; I felt that she would be the right person to help me. In our session Caitlin listened carefully and really helped me to clarify what I am trying to achieve in my business; who my customers are; what they might want from a stylist and how I might go about communicating with them more clearly.
Caitlin also provided some really simple to use strategies to use when I am creating copy to ensure that is engaging and relevant to my clients.
I would highly recommend Caitlin from BellCopyCo to others wishing to elevate their copy and gain clarity in their business.
Lisa Crema
Interior Designer, Cairns
"Caitlin skillfully aided me in articulating the essence of my business, plus I gained profound enjoyment from the experience"
Photographer, Brisbane