in a sea of brown leather jackets. let's help you become the red leather jacket of your industry

Established business, personal brand, or shiny new business? 
Looking for website copy that wows your audience?
And positions you as the Don Corleone of your industry (minus the violence)?

Take a squiz at a few of my packages below. Send me an email here if you need more or less copy.

Website Copy

from $2987

+ GST for Aussies

I only take on 1-2 projects per month. This means that when we work together, you’ll have all my attention on you and your project.

Comprehensive Questionnaire. I know forms are snores, but the most persuasive and sticky copy comes out of detailed info. These questions aren’t your standard tick-and-flick questions and may have you thinking.

Background Call. Like a mini business therapy session where I ask you more questions and uncover hidden treasures. I admit, I’m kinda nosy. But it’s so I get copy gold. I want to know EVERYTHING about your brand and get all the details

4 Pages of Web Copy. This may include a Home, About, and Service page, Approach or FAQs.

Bonus Contact page. So people know the next steps to working with you

Bonus 404 Page. A custom error page is a fun way to create a connection with people

Research and analysis. This is where the magic of copy lies

Client interview. If possible, I’ll contact a client to get the inside scoop

2 Rounds of revisions. I want you to love your copy. I’ll get your input and feedback on what we create

SEO sprinkles. You’ll get title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords for the 3 pages to start your climb up the pages

Turnaround time, approx 4 weeks

Launch Package
from $8000

+ GST for Aussies

Have an upcoming course or membership launch? If only it was as easy as opening your doors and having people flood in to buy your goods. *le sigh* 

Passive income ain’t so passive! There’s a webinar script to write, email sales sequence, onboarding emails, and social media marketing.. And not to mention the money page—the long-form sales page. 

I can’t teach your course for you. But I can lighten your launch stress and help with the pre launch words.

Comprehensive Questionnaire

Background Call

Client research interviews

Webinar script

Nurture and sales email sequence (10 emails)

Onboarding email

Long-form sales page

Social media captions (5 captions)

Turnaround time, approx 6 weeks

Copy snacks

Interested in working together on a project, but wanna dip your toes in the water before plunging in?

Why not try a copy snacks, to get a taste of what it’s like working together? Copy snacks pair perfectly with oat lattes*

Nurture email. Welcome people who sign up to your newsletter with an email, or sequence of emails. If you’re all about connecting with people, then this is a must-have. Why not subscribe to my newsletter here and take a peek at a nurture sequence in action?

Social media captions. Struggling to know what to say on Instagram? Cute quotes and images aren’t helping you bring home the tofu? It’s the words that woo and convert.

Emails. Where were you the last time you read an email? Imagine connecting with your audience EVERYWHERE they go. Intimate, huh?

*Unfortunately, oat lattes not included.

Ready to grin like the Cheshire Cat when reading your website copy?